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RFZRinforzando (Italian: stressed, reinforced; music direction)
RFZRadio Free Zion (Matrix Online community radio station)
RFZReflection Free Zone
RFZRivera Fracture Zone (Mexico)
RFZRacism Free Zone
RFZReverse Flow Zone
RFZRotating Frame Zeugmatography (medical imaging)
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What I wanted to pinpoint there it was the use of network potential as strategic tool on retail market: while the BCR preferred mainly the structure of big-size branches (167 branches) with manager + deputy manager + financial director + law adviser + heads of division + even more executive and control employees +/- security, its competitor RFZ had lower its wages cost by setting up mainly the agencies (132 agencies) having a less complex structure than a branch, but a strong IT communication channel between agencies and head office.