RGBSRed, Green, Blue, Composite Sync
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This study builds on a previous work that investigated the potential for contamination in RGBs. The findings were that over 10% of all bags obtained from shoppers contained fecal indicator bacteria and that only 3% of all shoppers had reported ever washing their bags (Williams, Gerba, Maxwell, & Sinclair, 2011).
The X470 Series sets a neutral tone with mostly monochromatic motifs that give users control over colors and effects via varying degrees of Aura Sync RGB lighting.
The rounds were loaded with Winchester Small Pistol primers and RGBS dies.
Many of the displays have sprit screen capabilities and can mange up to eight different signals including SDI, RGBS, Component and Composite Video, Sync-On-Green (SOG), DVI Digital and VGA formats.
However, RGBS has special Cowboy Dies for .45 Colt, .45 Schofield, .44-40 and .38-40.
The trigger itself is relatively crisp--just under five pounds according to my RGBS trigger pull scale.
All charges were thrown on either a Hornady or RGBS drum-type powder measure.
These cases were primed by me with CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers using the RGBS Universal Priming Tool.
According to my RGBS trigger pull scale, the trigger broke crisply at 5.25 pounds.
Before I prepared any test loads with IMR 4007 SSC, I wanted to check out how it flows through a powder measure, so I threw 20 charges through an RGBS Uniflow and weighed them.