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RGDRegistrar General's Department (various locations)
RGDArginine-Glycine-Aspartic Acid
RGDRat Genome Database
RGDRegistered Graphic Designer (Canada)
RGDRevue Générale du Droit (French: General Review of Law)
RGDRandom Genetic Drift (evolutionary genetics)
RGDReproduction, Growth and Development
RGDRégie de Gestion des Données (French: Data Management Board)
RGDRecherche Gestion Développements (French: Management Research Developments)
RGDRapid Gas Decompression
RGDReacting Gas Dynamics
RGDRange Gate Deception
RGDRepetitive Group Designator (SCUBA)
RGDReturned Goods Damaged
RGDRegisters, Grills, and Diffusers (air distribution)
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Among known integrins, integrin a[sub]v[sz]3 is the most important because it is abundant in superficial cells and neovascular endothelial cells of multiple tumors and participates in tumor angiogenesis.[10],[11] An integrin a[sub]v[sz][sub]3 receptor exerts its effect by specifically binding to the recognition sequence, arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (Arg-Gly-Asp, RGD), together with ECM protein.[12] This research aims to establish a novel type of metastasis-associated magnetic resonance (MR) molecular imaging probe, Gd-RGD, and observe the changes in HCC metastasis and proliferation behaviors before and after BMSC intervention through MR imaging (MRI).
In this present work, RGD-modified GO nanomaterials were developed via the covalent linkage of the carboxyl functional groups on the surface of GO and the amine groups of RGD peptide.
Following the theory overview, we perform a rhetorical analysis of 27 Resisting the Green Dragon (RGD) promotional YouTube videos and arrive at emergent themes describing the persuasive rhetorical approach adopted by the movement.
The cell adhesion rates in RGD solutions of various dilution were close to those of their control group (1% BSA coated group) (F = 8.221 p = 0.762).
These animals were randomly divided into four experimental groups and coated with RGD, RGE, or PLL amino acid solutions or saline (control).
The weak peaks at [delta] 4.0-4.2 belonged to protons of RGD (-NHCH(c[H.sub.2])CO-, e) while peaks at [delta] 6.69 disappeared which indicated that the -CH=CH- had been broken.
M13 has been previously genetically engineered phage to display cell-adhesive peptides such as RGD and IKVAV on every copy of its pVIII protein [12].
In this section, we propose the researching Gauss points (RGP) and reconstructing Gauss domains (RGD) methods, which are together named reordering Gauss domains (RG) methods and can partly reduce the computation cost for the meshless methods compared with the RPIM.
The company says that in addition to providing outstanding RGD resistance, these products have other properties that ensure superior performance in even the harshest environments.
It is a collagen-associated protein containing the RGD (arginine-glycine-aspartic acid) sequence, named RGD-CAP.
The swap deal between Gazprom and Rosneftegas in which the latter will exchange minority stakes in 72 regional gas distributors (RGD) for a 0.89% share in Gazprom may be finalised at the beginning of 2012.