RGEARetarding Grid Energy Analyzer
RGEAResearch Group in Economic Analysis (Vigo, Spain)
RGEARight Gastro-Epiploic Artery
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The patency of the LIMA, RIMA, RA, and RGEA is described in [Table 4] and [Figure 2].
There were no histological differences between the structure of the wall of RGEA and IMAs.
Because the RGEA is a visceral artery and the fourth branch of the aorta (abdominal aorta, coeliac artery, common hepatic artery, gastroduodenal artery, and RGEA), its diameter and flow volume are smaller than both the IMA and SVG grafts.
Mean duration of ICU stay was 1-2 days longer in our study than the patients underwent CABG with LIMA+SVG during the same period, probably because harvesting of the RGEA led to gastric dilatation.
The RGEA is the least preferable choice for arterial CABG, as it demonstrates no angiographic superiority compared with SVG.
Although the RGEA might be the least preferred choice for arterial CABG, sBIMA + RGEA could provide three grafts in situ and cover most coronary artery target sites without any manipulation of the ascending aorta.