RGEMRespiratory Gas Exchange Measures
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The aforesaid defendants being investment advisors of different Stockbroker firms, had placed orders in the RGEM share using the CDS accounts of certain clients of such Stockbroker firms during the period 2nd to 29th September 2011, by the use of several manipulative devices.
It can be deduced that whether all or part of A[O.sub.n] in xA[O.sub.n] - yB[O.sub.m] took part in the first stage of the hydration of xA[O.sub.n] - yB[O.sub.m], the absolute values of [[DELTA].sub.r][G.sup.[theta].sub.m,A(mix,1)] and [[DELTA].sub.r][G.sup.[theta].sub.m,A(d,1)] both were smaller than the absolute value of A rGem A of the hydration reaction of A[O.sub.n] alone.
We also experimented with rifle grenade entry munitions (RGEM), which seemed like a great tool and great concept.