RGESRunning Gear Entanglement System
RGESRio Grande Enrichment Studies (Albuquerque, NM)
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To assess the influence of RGE on symptom severity in the CIA model, mice were orally treated with 10 mg/kg RGE in saline or with vehicle alone three times a week after booster immunization over the course of 6 weeks.
Three days later, the nonadherent cells were washed out and preosteoclasts were cultured further in the presence of 10ng/mL M-CSF, 100ng/mL RANKL (Peprotech, London, UK), and various concentrations of RGE for four days to generate osteoclasts.
After three days, these preosteoclasts were cultured further in the presence of 25 ng/mL M-CSF, 30 ng/mL RANKL, and various concentrations of RGE for nine days to generate osteoclasts.
Results showed that administration of oral RGE three times a week (10mg/kg) reduced the arthritic score and arthritis incidence almost completely compared to the oral administration of the vehicle (Figure 1(a)).
To evaluate whether RGE promotes phosphorylation of STAT3 in vitro, we performed immunoblot analysis of protein extracts prepared from [CD4.sup.+] T cells isolated from spleens cultured in a Th17-polarizing condition with various concentrations of RGE.
In the next section, we estimate gain score equations to ascertain whether teachers' RGE influenced how much their students learned.
We also ascertain in this section whether a teacher's subjective evaluation of a student was correlated with the match between the student's and the teacher's RGE. Teachers in the 10th grade survey were asked a set of questions about their perceptions of each surveyed student in their classes.
Table 1a presents the mean values of the 8th grade subject area test scores (number of correct answers) for these students, stratified by RGE. Since the number of questions on the tests varied across subject areas, comparisons of absolute scores across tests are not very useful.
These mean gain scores should be kept in mind when one evaluates the estimates of the importance of teacher RGE that appear below.
Our analytical approach is to estimate, for each RGE group of students and each of the four subject areas in which the tests were given, gain score equations of the form
The smaller ones are brought back to the sea while those with eggs are brought to RGE's nursery.
Eduardo, the man behind RGE Agridev, is also a restaurateur.