RGGSResearch Grants for Graduate Students
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There are many types of reconfiguration, and RGGs have been defined to be a general reconfiguration tool.
We have proven the following theorems concerning RGGs under the restrictions above, which will be referred to as RGGs for fault tolerance.
RGGs for fault tolerance preserve the cardinality of the node and edge sets, i.e., every member of L, including S, has the same number of nodes and edges.
Reconfiguration Graph Grammars (RGG) are defined and applied to the definition of processor array reconfiguration algorithms.
In a language L generated by an RGG for fault tolerance, if H [right arrow] I, then |VH| = |[V.sub.I]| and |[E.sub.H]| = |[E.sub.I]|.
Every member of L, the language generated by an RGG for fault tolerance, is isomorphic to every other member, including S, with respect to the numeric node labels.