RGPPRévision Générale des Politiques Publiques (France: public administration)
RGPPRigas Galvenas Policijas Parvaldes (Latvia)
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Il reunit le prefet de Police, le directeur de la Police Judiciaire a la Prefecture de Police, celui des rgpp, le directeur de la Reglementation, le directeur central de la Surete Publique, le directeur central de la pj, le directeur central des rg, et le directeur de la Surete Nationale.
(10.) RGPP, note du 21 octobre 1969, 5 pp., APP/GA04.
<< La methode RGPP : placer le changement au coeur de l'administration >>, Revue francaise d'administration publique 136.
A telling, if narrowly focused, representation of the draconian cuts to public services under the Sarkozy regime has been made by a Parisian who has observed the cuts due to RGPP and ancillary rationalising policies at first hand in her own quarter (le Gall, 2011).
Thus, there remains considerable potential for savings infields that the RGPP has not fully explored, namely social security and local government spending.
More generally, as called for by the new budgeting act, all tax exemptions and loopholes, which have mushroomed in recent years, should be subjected to a review similar to the RGPP.
One reason for the lack of the savings is that, while the RGPP was supposed to be general in its scope, it was in the end confined essentially to central government outlays (around 30% of the total), while Social Security and local government spending were largely excluded.
While the issue of local government spending was not explored in the RGPP, the Institut de l'entreprise study found that considerable savings can be achieved in this area, especially insofar as local governments' share in total spending has been rising steadily, and not only because of the transfer of responsibilities to the local level.