RGPTRèglement Général pour La Protection du Travail (French: General Regulations for the Protection of Labor; Belgium)
RGPTRamco Gershenson Properties Trust (Farmington Hills, MI)
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Hitachi received clearance from Japan's Pharmaceuticals Medical Device Administration for its Proton Beam Therapy system equipped with RGPT (patent no.
With this FDA clearance, Hitachi will move forward with plans to install RGPT at facilities under construction in the United States.
Overview of Real Time Image Gating System for Proton Beam Therapy Systems (RGPT)
When information on the location of bone is taken from traditional orthogonal x-rays and the motion of tumors is captured by RGPT and then combined with the ability to identify healthy tissue surrounding a tumor, particularly the location and shape of soft tissue, it allows for a greater therapeutic dose to be directed at the tumor while significantly reducing the risk of irradiating healthy tissue.
The CBCT system is also capable of highly accurate positioning even without the use of RGPT. After being approved for marketing under Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in March of 2015, the system was clinically put to use in October of the same year.