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-amar-[[blank].sup.d]da-mu, ensi d'Isin, selon RGTC 2: 86.
Goetze et qui est generalement accepte depuis lors (RGTC, 2: 101).
Daruberhinaus stellt der Index auch die sehr erwunschte Verbindung zwischen den Karten und den beiden diese begleitenden Serien dar, die in Tubingen in enger Verbindung mit dem Atlas erarbeitet wurden: gemeint sind naturlich die "Beihefte zum Tubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients" und das "Repertoire geographique des textes cuneiformes" (RGTC).
The sizable growth of material in the seventeen years that passed between the first volume (RGTC 6) and the supplement reviewed here (RGTC 6.2) testifies to the pace of discoveries or, more accurately, to the gratifying promptness of publication of the new texts.
Werner's reading of KBo 40.90, 14' as A-ri-ag-ha[-(StBoT 4, 67), rather than A-ri-hu-w[a, as suggested in RGTC 6: 31.
As specified in RGTC 6: 132, Mount Huwatnuwanta is sometimes written as Uuwalanuwanta, with the third sign being a clear la rather than at (I collated KUB 6, 45-46).
Tiwa in KUB 6.46 ii 7 (the duplicate KUB 6.45 i 40 has Samuba instead) is omitted in RGTC and in most treatments of the great Muwatalli Prayer.
To explore fully the possibilities offered by RGTC 6 and 6.2 for the study of Hittite historical geography one needs to consult the geographical inventories of other periods of Anatolian history.
Line 259: The reading of the first sign in the GN as [X.sub.28] (following RGTC 1) is unnecessarily precise; the sign form in exemplar A is simply a variant for as as it is found in other OAkk.