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RGVARossiiskii Gosudarstvenni Voennyi Arkhiv (Russian State Military Archive)
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117) A brief survey appeared in the 2005 guide to Jewish fonds in RGVA (English edition, 2010), which also indicates some Schneersohn documents intermixed in other fonds.
Since 1992, captured foreign fonds in RGVA (and prececessor TsKhIDK, 1992-1999) from the Special Archive have been freely open for public research, on the basis of written request to the director.
Thus the Court allowed Chabad to proceed with its claim for the 'Library' held in RGB under FSIA, as well as the 'Archive' in RGVA.
RGVA continued to insist there were no missing folios, although it could present no expertise because Chabad had not adequately specified from what file the folios had allegedly disappeared.
155) His unprecedented default judgment ordered the Russian State Defendants to surrender "the complete collection of religious books, manuscripts, documents and things that comprise the 'Library' and the 'Archive' presently being held in RGB and RGVA to the US Embassy in Moscow on behalf of Brooklyn Chabad.
Russian officials definitively reject the eventual 'return' of those Schneersohn Papers in RGVA to their legitimate heir in Brooklyn, as long as it involves the pending US Court Order and related negotiations.
These are his personal papers, as described in RGVA, with even personal documents including birth certificates for his daughters, with family, personal and religious correspondence and writings, most from the period after he left the Soviet Union, as Chief Rabbi of Riga.
In a few cases, even parts of the same manuscript remain in RGVA.
27) They are also described briefly in the guide to captured Jewish holdings in RGVA, an updated English edition of which is due in late 2010.
Representatives of the Jewish Community visited Moscow during the winter of 2010 to examine the Greek files in RGVA in order to establish the formal claim.
In the meantime, Dutch archivists found a few additional fragmentary Jewish files from Thessalonica intermixed with those returned earlier from Berlin in the 1970s, and a few more among the fond from RGVA devoted to Jewish organisations in the Netherlands returned to The Hague from Moscow in 2003.