RH-TRURemote-Handled Transuranic(s) (waste)
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Both the RH-TRU and CH-TRU disposed of at the WIPP consist of tools, rags, protective clothing and other materials "contaminated with radioactive elements that have atomic numbers greater than uranium (transuranic)," DOE explained.
Beginning in last summer of 2011, employees in Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities and WIPP Central Characterization Project (CCP) personnel from the Carlsbad Field Office, which leads the TRU waste management program for the DOE, worked in the Tech Area 5 Auxiliary Hot Cell Facility (AHCF) to analyze and repackage the RH-TRU waste for shipment.
CCP personnel were able to certify the RH-TRU waste was compliant, so it could be sent directly to the WIPP facility for disposal.