RhAFRhodesian Air Force
RhAFRevue d'Histoire de l'Amérique Française (French: Review of the History of French America)
RhAFRoyal Hellenic Air Force
RhAFRoyal Hungarian Air Force
RhAFRoller Hockey and Fun
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Abbreviations AFDD Air Force doctrine document ARGUS advanced remote ground unattended sensor C2 command and control CCD camouflage, concealment, and deception COIN counterinsurgency DOD Department of Defense DODD Department of Defense directive GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit IOP instrument of power ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance JFC joint force commander JP joint publication JWS Joint Warfighting Space LEO low Earth orbit LOC line of communications NDS National Defense Strategy NSS National Security Strategy NSVI National Strategy for Victory in Iraq O&M operations and maintenance RAF Royal Air Force RHAF Royal Hellenic Air Force S&R surveillance and reconnaissance SC sensor capability
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Faced with the German reluctance to sell current fighter and bomber models the RHAF turned to Italy.
114) The Me 109 and Me 210 agreements 0 stipulated that most aircraft built under license in Hungary were to be delivered to the Luftwaffe with the Hungarians retaining approximately one-third of production for the RHAF.
However, the RHAF performed adequately in the first year of the war as the Soviet Air Force also had mostly obsolete aircraft and in 1941 the RHAF managed to shoot down most of the Soviet aircraft that it encountered.
After the start of the war, the RHAF received a few modern German aircraft such as Do 17 bombers and He 111s for long-range reconnaissance.
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