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RMD Georg Rhau, Musikdrucke aus den Jahren 1538-1545 in praktischer Neuausgabe, ed.
Gedruckt zu Wittemberg, durch Georgen Rhau. 1544 (47).
The number of copies made from Rhau's prints also attests to the music's popularity.
They were printed in 1560 by Georg Rhau in Wittenberg, and they were the inspiration for a similar repertoire that became the standard in the 17th century.
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The decision to separate the book into three editions is further confirmed by the appearance of the first two editions of the Prosodia, printed in the same workshop by Rhau in 1535 and 1537.
Due to the success of Rhau's publication of Spangenberg's revised Grammatica in 1538, one year later Steiner in Augsburg and Petreius in Nuremberg produced reprints.
Georg Rhau. Officia de Nativitate, Wittenberg 1545.
On the subject of Iberian music in non-Iberian sources, Martin Ham traces the complex stemmatics and manifold stylistic issues of a Rex autem from Georg Rhau's 1538 Symphoniae jucundae, suggesting that Portuguese versions may be closest to the original piece, which may have been Spanish in origin.
Thus Georg Rhau's Newe Deudsche Geistliche Gesenge (Wittenberg, 1544) includes more hymn melodies than the eleven given here (C28-C38), but these make their first appearance in this source.
There is a preponderance of Italian composers, no doubt due to the productivity of local publishers like Ottaviano Petrucci, and the Gardano and Scotto families, but musicians from other nations are well represented in the prints of Pierre Attaingnant, Jacques Moderne, Pierre Phalese, Nicolas Du Chemin, and Le Roy & Ballard in France; Georg Rhau, Hieronymus Grapheus (Formschneider), and Berg & Neuber in German-speaking territories; Tylman Susato, and Waelrant & Laet in the Netherlands; as well as smaller firms in Switzerland, England, Spain, and even Poland.