RHCTRed Hat Certified Technician
RHCTRed Hat Certification Training (computer training)
RHCTRelative Half Clearance Time (physiology)
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In this study only (5.1%) adolescents availed the OPD services at RHCT Bilaspur this is in similar pattern to review study by Garg S and Nath A (2008) in which they found that school based services were better utilized than health facility based services and the school health centers in the United States have adopted such approach by providing a broad range of reproductive services either on-site or by means of referrals.
There fore, we propose a RHCT to improve the DSD method.
Through Steps 1-3 calculation, the summed QEM with RHCT is obtained, and it is used to contract vertex pairs.
2) Raw data from the RHCT were adjusted as follows: (a) the cost for the DHS "injection/implant" category is a weighted average of cost of injectables (51.5%) and implants (48.5%), using MOH data on method mix in Burkina Faso (injectables were assumed to provide three months of protection and implants three years of protection); and (b) the sterilization costs are multiplied by 9.5 on the assumption that they were divided by that factor (i.e., the average number of years of protection)--the text of the RHCT report is silent on this point.
4) RHCT estimates were adjusted using commodity cost data, which was obtained from the MOH and local NGOs, including ABBEF (the International Planned Parenthood Federation affiliate in Burkina Faso) and Marie Stopes International.
On each [[OMEGA].sub.k] we introduce local reduced Hsieh-Clough-Tocher (RHCT) macro finite element spaces (see [13]) as follows: let the local RHCT space [W.sup.h]([[OMEGA].sub.k]) [subset] [H.sup.2]([[OMEGA].sub.k]) be formed by [C.sup.1] continuous functions, such that v [member of] [W.sup.h]([[OMEGA].sub.k]), where for each triangle [tau] [member of] [T.sub.h]([[OMEGA].sub.k]),
The degrees of freedom of RHCT macro elements are given by
Ar hyn o bryd, mae Cartrefi RhCT yn cyflogi 348 aelod o staff ac mae ganddo drosiant blynyddol o fwy na pounds 35 miliwn.
Students in the Academy learn the same command-line and system-administration skills taught in the Red Hat Certified Engineer program, up to the level of Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT).
These efforts include the Montana Medical Assistance Facility demonstration and the Essential Access Community Hospital/Rural Primary Care Hospital (EACH/RPCH) program, which support the development of limited service hospitals, and the Rural Health Care Transition (RHCT) Grant program, which provides grant funds to small rural hospitals to strengthen their financial and managerial capabilities.
Ers cwblhau'r cyfnod sabothol, mae Susan wedi cyflwyno nifer o gysylltiadau rhwng Coleg Cymunedol Tonypandy a ThTm Troseddau'r Ifanc RhCT, er mwyn cynorthwyo myfyrwyr i osgoi'r maglau a all arwain at ymddygiad troseddol.
Congress introduced the RHCT Grant Program to improve the management and finances of small rural hospitals.