RHDSRed Hat Developer Suite
RHDSRed Hat Directory Server
RHDSRed Hat Developer Studio (software)
RHDSRenaissance Historical Dance Society (UK)
RHDSRural Health Delivery System (anthropology)
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Eleven other children apart from the 46 children with RHD had other structural lesions.
Of the 75 children, most had acyanotic heart diseases seen in 46 (61.3%), these had the lowest mean age 2.1 [+ or -] 1.1 years, 20 children were from the cyanotic group (26.6%), while the remaining 9 (12.0%) children the mean age 10.2 [+ or -] 2.5 years, had various valvular repair for RHD, except for 2 of them who had valvular replacement; a 15 and 17-year-old males that had MS in combination with other lesions.
Despite the comparatively small proportion of Australians engaged in RHDs, Australian governments have identified postgraduate research education as a vital component of national research and development--a resource closely linked to economic productivity in a competitive global context (Australian Productivity Commission 2003; Reiger, Schofield and Peters in press).
We argue in this paper that these kinds of organisational changes in university institutions are crucial to understanding the barriers faced by Indigenous Australian peoples in participating in RHDs. Basically, such dynamics recognise and include few, if any, constituencies of staff and students who are unable to contribute to the advancement of corporate managerialist goals.
Counselors-in-residence maintain regular contact with university residence staff (RAs, MAs, and RHDs) who routinely consult with the counselors-in-residence regarding specific residents.
The aim of this study was to examine the association of patient and nurse ratings on an eight-item short-form RHDS to subsequent utilization of ED visits and readmissions in the first 30 days postdischarge.
In a study comparing nurse assessment and patient perception of discharge readiness with the 21-item RHDS, a one point decrease in the P,N-RHDS item mean was associated with a 45 percent increase (OR = .55) in likelihood of postdischarge utilization (Readmission + ED).
QDTS and RHDS were given to study patients within 4 hours before discharge by the research assistants or unit staff (using reminder triggers).
Missing data on QDTS and RHDS were mean-substituted if more than 50 percent of item responses were completed.
The prevalence of RHD is more in females compared to the males, because women are house bound and therefore are more likely to be affected by overcrowding.2
Analysis of major risk factors of the study patients revealed 64% having RHD, 23% having congenital heart disease (CHD), and 9% being intravenous drug user (IDU).