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Tubio also took note of the impact of high feedstock cost on RHI's ethanol business.
In a disclosure to the local bourse, RHI said net loss reached P652 million in October 2018 to June 2019, a reversal of the P6 million net income in the same period a year ago.
At a news conference on Tuesday, officials from Department of Energy and Sugar Regulatory Administration pointed at each other on the developments of RHI's import proposal.
If planning permission is not available at audit, RHI payments will be suspended until planning permission is available.
Mr Hamilton sought to explain the episode by stressing it happened during the "worst time" of his political career, when the DUP was facing a "febrile" onslaught of allegations about corruption linked to RHI.
The award was given for the firm's range of work across the rapidly growing RHI sector which includes air and ground-source heating, solar thermal and biomass.
Botvinick and Cohen (1998) carried out an experiment called the Rubber Hand Illusion (RHI) to evaluate intermodal proprioceptive integration by producing tactile sensations and synchronous visualization of touch in the limbs (figure 1).
Illusory body ownership during the RHI is known to induce a disowned bodily state for the subject's own hand.
Results: RHI in patients receiving statins treatment was significantly higher than patients without statins treatment (Pless than 0.05).
When these super tankers full of pellets arrive at our shores they are transported by 40-tonne juggernauts to the RHI eligible boiler where they are to be burnt.
"The RHI events within industries such as the coal mines give students a better understanding of physical and emotional demands workers face daily.
The adjustment comes after in November RHI cut the guidance, saying it expects revenues to be slightly below and an operating result slightly above the level of the prior year.