RHIBRigid Hull Inflatable Boat (also see RIB)
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ZHT is currently fulfilling a 26 unit RHIB contract with the CCG where all of the boats are equipped with gasoline powered outboard engines except for one boat which is mated to two Mercury diesel outboard engines.
A Coastguard statement said: "The UK Coastguard has co-ordinated an incident off Dymchurch to rescue the occupants of a rhib overnight.
"A call was received at 11.40pm yesterday requesting assistance to the rhib, which was taking on water.
"We had to rely heavily on our small boats (RHIB) for access to the sites," Snyder said.
The remaining samples (n = 131) were collected from a 6-meter Zodiac rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) launched from the NOAA Ship McArthur II.
Asis Boats, a global rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) manufacturer, staged at the Dubai Boat Show the worldwide launch of its inboard jet amphibious range devised for the recreational sector.
ASIS Boats, a global Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) manufacturer, has launched its inboard jet amphibious range, the world's first amphibious boats targeting the leisure and recreational market.
Our adventure hurtled head-on into suiting up and boarding a rigid-hulled inflatable (RHIB) boat (oppethav.se).
Meanwhile, our ship was putting the boarding team's rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) in the water.
Being only 20 miles from the scene (approximately one hour out) in a situation where there was no imminent danger to the fishermen with us standing by in case their vessel sank, the rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) was deemed the best asset.
The victim was on a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) with two other boys aged 14 and an adult male when he fell off into the water.
Rhib specialist Zodiac is furnishing the DGA with 20 new 9.5-metre Rhibs to answer the so-called Ecume (Embarcations Commandos a Usage Multiple Embarquables/Multi-purpose Embarkation Boats) requirement of the procurement agency.