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RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider (Brookhaven National Lab)
RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider
RHICRadio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control
RHICRegional Health Improvement Collaborative
RHICRural Health Information Clearinghouse (Georgia)
RHICR.H. Investment Corporation (Encino, CA)
RHICRadiation Hardened Integrated Circuit
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Across all the sectors we model, domestic suppliers satisfy 44 per cent of total UK demand--and 56 per cent of total UK demand is met by overseas suppliers: 35 per cent from the EU, 5 per cent from RHIC, 9 per cent from the EM and 6 per cent from the rest of the world.
Peter Jacobs, head of the experimental group at Berkeley Lab that carried out the first jet and flow measurements with the STAR Collaboration at RHIC, said the new result is "very valuable as a window into the precise nature of the quark gluon plasma.
The RHIC is the first instrument that can, in essence, take us back in time to see how matter behaved at the start of the universe.
No one would seriously entertain the claim that the results obtained from RHIC are invalid because the results were obtained in an artificially induced laboratory setting rather than as the result of direct observation of nature.
En el ultimo de los experimentos, dado a conocer por fisicos del laboratorio RHIC, instalado en Upton, en el estado de Nueva York, se han repetido las condiciones que existieron en el primer microsegundo despues del Big Bang.
BBC World reports that RHIC was built to "generate minuscule fireballs of superdense matter with temperatures of about a trillion degrees -- 10,000 times hotter than the sun.
Lee is fascinated by the physics that RHIC will make possible.
Schumer has said that RHIC has fueled work with industry, the Department of Defense, and other DOE programs on next-generation hadron radiotherapy facilities for cancer treatment, superconducting magnet energy storage systems, high-current energy recovery linacs for potential defense applications, and advanced medical imaging techniques and detectors.
But these records could soon be broken: "Atomic nuclei in particle colliders like the LHC at CERN or at RHIC can create light pulses which are still a million times shorter than that," said Andreas Ipp from TU Vienna.
LHC, RHIC, Tevatron), particle accelerators are used in a large variety of applications, including particle therapy for oncological purposes, and as synchrotron light sources for fields such as condensed matter physics.
html) pointed out in 2000 that the kinds of collisions that occur at the RHIC occur naturally "when cosmic rays smash into heavy nuclei on the Moon.
The resulting material, called quark-gluon plasma, was tentatively reported at RHIC several years ago.