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RHIGRh Immune Globulin
RHIGRelativistic Heavy Ion Group (various universities)
RHIGRural Health Interest Group (University of Wisconsin)
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According to Sandler et al., genotyping of a patient's D status will eliminate at least __ante- and postpartum RhIG injections and save at least___ units of RhD negative blood.
A recent College of American Pathologists (CAP) survey suggests that there continues to be an opportunity for laboratories to improve their RhIG dosage calculations.
In this analysis, eleven mothers of infants with Rh-D HDFN had undergone postpartum RhIG prophylaxis during previous deliveries.
Are the tests sufficiently sensitive and specific to justify not prescribing antenatal RhIg, with possible jeopardy to a later pregnancy?
(5,7,11,16) Women with one of these RHD genotypes may be managed as [Rh.sup.+] and do not require RhIG for prenatal or postpartum Rh immunoprophylaxis.
Mothers of children with an autism spectrum disorder were also not more likely than control patients to have been exposed to antepartum thimerosal-containing RhIg (13.9% vs.
* Rh Immune Globulin: Notifies clinician that RhIG work-up is required and indicates number of RhIG vials needed.
Clinical Utilization in Transfusion Medicine and Chemistry Calls Category Calls, No.(%) Transfusion medicine Pheresis 40(14.8) RhIG 29(10.7) Platelets 28(10.3) Antibody 27(10.0) HIT 23(8.5) Transfusion reaction 23(8.5) Clotting factor 20(7.4) Other blood product 20(7.4) Other 61(22.5) Chemistry Endocrine 37(17.4) Testosterone 11(5.2) Thyroid panel 10(4.7) Gastroenterology 35(16.4) Viral hepatitides 15(7.0) Toxicology and ABGs 20(9.4) Infectious disease 17(8.0) Renal 17(8.0) Ordering/lab procedures 11(5.2) Cardiac 7(3.3) Gynecologic 7(3.3) Other 62(29.1) Abbreviations: ABG, arterial blood gas; HIT, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia; RhIG, Rh immune globulin.
Additional features include electronic cross-matching, centralized transfusion testing, prescription product-inventory management (i.e., coagulation factors and RhIg), and unit-recall management for "look backs." Our utilization review and management reports are extensive and fully customizable, with vast search criteria and multisite capabilities.
To the Editor.--An analysis of responses to the supplemental questions in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) proficiency testing for the Fetal RBC Detection Survey (HBF-A 2007 Survey) revealed that 20.7% of participants who used the method of the AABB Technical Manual (1) to calculate the postpartum dose of Rh immune globulin (RhIg) would have recommended an inaccurate dose.
"Open" products (ie, nonsterile-docked aliquots, syringes, RhIG) are not sent via the tube system because of concerns about leakage on impact.