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RHIMERespiratory Health Indicators for Maine (lung health data repository; American Lung Association of Maine)
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Specifics of the deal, which include bringing over Rhimes' production company, Shondaland, weren't disclosed, but is likely in excess of $40 million.
ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey also released a statement about the upcoming lineup for the network, but not regarding Rhimes' departure.
In an interview -- during which she laid out her Netflix plans for the first time -- Rhimes sounded confident that she will deliver something unexpected.
26--reflects post-election reality, executive producer Rhimes shut the question down.
In the poignant and hilarious, blog-style prose, Rhimes' decision to say "yes" to everything led to her saying "yes" to herself; shedding some weight, spending more time with friends and family, and ultimately finding her own path to happiness.
1-selling pen, it is the pen that overachievers like Shonda Rhimes naturally gravitate toward," said Ariann Langsam, director of marketing at Pilot Pen.
So I called Shonda and said, "If you ask the crew to go on Twitter, then they'll do it because you are our boss." She loved that idea and she didn't demand, but she encouraged everyone to do it--and of course, because she's Shonda Rhimes, everybody did.
She was content to stay home with her three kids until Thanksgiving of 2013, when her sister remarked that Rhimes always said no and that it was time to say yes.
Navy is developing the resilient hull, mechanical, and electrical security (RHIMES) system, a cyber protection system designed to make its shipboard mechanical and electrical control systems resilient to cyber attacks.
But first, a primer on last week's Shonda Rhimes controversy.
What TV medical drama set in Seattle Grace Hospital did she and the show's writer Shonda Rhimes work on together?