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RHINORebuilding Hope in New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
RHINORoutine Health Information Network
RHINOReally Here In Name Only
RHINORange Height Indicator Not Operating
RHINORate Hike in Name Only (finance)
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He was "starting to show signs of ailing," according to a statement posted Wednesday on Twitter by the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the preserve in Kenya where the 45-year-old rhino has lived since 2009.
In an interview on the restaurant gardens Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust acting manager Mr Thapelo Baiphethi said a postmortem report was recently released by Vet and Agric Consultants who have found out that Noody died of kidney failure due to old age.
Jack Gradidge, head rhino keeper at Folly Farm, said Dakima's arrival has been highly anticipated.
We have been able to reduce our debt by approximately $34 million during the current year as our focus on cash generation and strategic transactions with supportive partners has resulted in a strong balance sheet for Rhino.
Vietnam is a hotspot for rhino horn trafficking, which is believed by many in the country to have special medicinal properties that cure headaches, hangovers, allergies and even (https://www.
In Kruger National Park, the epicenter of poaching activities, the number of rhino carcasses found was 458, against 557 in the same period last year.
With passage of a new state law prohibiting the sale or purchase of rhino horn and ivory products, CDFWs wildlife officers stand ready to do their part to combat wildlife trafficking in California and abroad, said David Bess, CDFW deputy director and chief of the Law Enforcement Division.
Black rhino populations have dropped by more than 95% over the last 50 years due to a global surge in illegal poaching for their horns, which continues to devastate the species.
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) spokesman Paul Udoto said the move follows the discovery of a male rhino carcass with missing horns near Sand River barely 300 metres away the Kenya-Tanzania border by a Kenya Wildlife Service veterinary team conducting rhino ear-notching.
Specialists have been comparing rhino birth rates at different zoos as part of a programme to work out what makes rhinos want to mate.
We spoke to Save the Rhino International, an organisation based in London that is working hard to protect rhinos worldwide.
Demand for rhino horn is high in parts of Asia where it is seen as a status symbol and a cure for illness despite a lack of evidence that it can heal.