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RHIORegional Health Information Organization
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For organizations to be able to deliver the highest levels of patient care and treatment, they must be able to easily exchange patients' medical information in a manner that is completely secure and HIPAA compliant," said Charles Scaglione, executive director at the Bronx RHIO.
RHIO leadership developed goals and metrics for each group, quantified their value propositions and developed hypothetical revenue models.
We want to pull down information from the RHIO, such as discharge summaries and prescription information, but we cannot upload anything because of 42 CFR Part 2," explains Carl Hatch-Feir, vice president for administration at the Loyola Recovery Foundation, one of Recovery Net's members.
This image exchange service being provided by eHealth Global is the first of its kind in the country, and we are honored that the Rochester RHIO has selected our organization to lead this important endeavor," said Ken Rosenfeld, president, eHealth Global Technologies.
The Interboro RHIO facilitates the sharing of patient information between authorized healthcare providers at the point of care to improve quality, patient safety and efficiency.
Health Industry Insights (HII), a healthcare research arm of IDC, recommended that states take a major role in facilitating the development of a National Health Information Network (NHIN) and in closing the quality gaps among HIEs and RHIOs.
Evans admits that RHIO leaders are concerned about the costs associated with accreditation, "but they understand that we need to have a plan for enforcing accountability.
Behavioral healthcare professionals and industry leaders with understandable concerns about some of the challenges involved in RHIO development might want to check out what's happening in Mesa County, Colorado.
Hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes, from stand-alone facilities and IDNs to rural and critical access hospitals, as well as HIEs and RHIOs, leverage AOI's solutions to improve patient care by enhancing clinical workflows and eliminating data silos.