RHLIRoyal Hamilton Light Infantry (Canadian Armed Forces)
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In the present study, a high occurrence of QS genes was found, 100% of the isolates presented the lasR, rhlI and rhlR genes and 97.5%, presented the lasI gene, observed in Table 4.
(24) showed that QS genes detection were not as high, as those reported in our study detection (81.25% for the lasI and lasR genes, 68.75% for the rhlI gene, and 62.5% for the rhlR gene).
In a study conducted by Sabharwal et al., (25) in India, the occurrence of lasI, lasR, rhlI, and rhlR genes of P.
(26) found mutations in the lasI, lasR, rhlI, and rhlR genes in both biofilm producer and non-producer isolates.
Visiting their memorial and that of the Black Watch in Woensdrecht, we were reminded as well of the high cost to the RHLI for this small victory: 167 casualties.
I have a particular interest in this regiment, as its badge incorporates the "horn-type" bugle (as distinctive from the powder-horn type borne by the RHLI and the PPCLI collar-dogs) as well as the motto Cede Nullis of my own former regiment, the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
Blackburn's affinity with the infantry -- especially with the RHLI (the Rileys) whose CO, Denis Whitaker, was himself a military author of high repute -- is evident.