RHPAReview and Herald Publishing Association
RHPARental Housing Protection Act (Canada)
RHPAReverse Hemolytic Plaque Assay
RHPARegulated Health Professionals Act of 1991 (Canada)
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For example, an Ontario physician disclosing patient information under a discretionary reporting provision would not violate PHIPA's confidentiality provisions, because they exempt disclosures that are either "permitted or required by law." However, the RHPA only permits disclosures without patient consent if they are "required by law." Thus, a physician reporting under a discretionary power could be subject to disciplinary action.
Con base en un diagnostico socioeconomico (Caceres, 2001 y algunas actividades de promocion de desarrollo rural y la conservacion ecologica, se elaboro un marco conceptual ad hoc (Caceres, 2003; 2006a) y un conjunto de indicadores ecologicos y socioeconomicos (Caceres, 2006b) que permitiesen valorar la sustentabilidad de las unidades productivas de los pequenos productores asentados en la RHPA. Los indicadores utilizados se detalla en la proxima seccion.
Se seleccionaron 14 unidades productivas de pequenos productores ubicadas en lugares estrategicos y representativos de la RHPA. Para seleccionar los casos se realizo un muestreo dirigido basado en criterios ambientales, el perfil socioproductivo de las familias, cuestiones operativas, y la predisposicion de los productores para participar en el estudio.
Estudios previos sugieren que la fisonomia que presenta el ambiente de la RHPA constituye un aspecto clave para determinar la condicion en que se encuentran los recursos naturales (Cabido, 1985; Cabido y Acosta, 1986; Cabido et al., 1987; Diaz et al., 1992; Cingolani et al., 2003).
She worked in the provincial health care bureaucracy during the drafting of the RHPA.
Many of the controlled acts listed in the RHPA are presently being performed by traditional healers, community health care workers and aboriginal midwives.
Many native women feel that the RHPA jeopardizes their efforts to reclaim women's central role in the birthing process.
(16) This privilege of self-governance, as determined by the RHPA, 1991, allows for the enforcement of various statutory duties by the CCO.
Over the eight years since the RHPA was proclaimed, the average period for a case to complete the disciplinary process and be disposed, was 19.5 months, with a range of 6 to 45 months.
In December 1991, the RHPA, including the new Chiropractic Act, received Royal Assent and chiropractors were listed among the few self-governing health professions with a defined scope of practice that includes diagnosis and the definitive right to use the title "doctor." Among the controlled acts are, "communicating a diagnosis" and "moving the joints of the spine beyond their usual range of motion using a fast, low-amplitude thrust." (33)
December 31, 1993, the RHPA was proclaimed and the BDC replaced by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) which had its first meeting March 26, 1994.
and the Ministry of Health lacked enforcement." (19) In retrospect, it was premature for Bob to "hope for" early passage of Ontario's New RHPA. The first six parts had been ratified in 1974 but it wasn't until November 25, 1991, that the RHPA, containing the Chiropractic Act, was proclaimed, awarding Ontario chiropractors a defined scope of practice that included diagnosis and the right to use the title "doctor." (20) This specific Chiropractic Act was worth the wait, though Dr.