RHPMRennie Harris Puremovement (dance organization; Philadelphia, PA)
RHPMReduced Human Performance Model (cognitive simulation)
RHPMRed Hat Package Manager (also seen as RPM)
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The rational homotopy perturbation method RHPM [5, 6] can be considered as a combination of the classical perturbation technique [38, 39] and the homotopy (whose origin is in the topology) [40-42] but not restricted to a small parameter like traditional perturbation methods.
To figure out how RHPM method works, consider a general nonlinear equation in the form:
are unknown functions to be determined by the RHPM, and [w.sub.0], [w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], ...
From Table 1, we can observe that RHPM solution (19) and BPES solution (22) are in good agreement with the numerical results obtained using Fehlberg fourth-fifth-order Runge-Kutta method with degree four interpolant (RKF45) [43, 44] (built-in function of Maple software).
Nonetheless, semianalytical techniques like RHPM and BPES maybe combined with numerical methods [43-46] to improve the simulation tools of VLSI circuits.
The program kicked off this past Sunday when nine members of the RHPM team touched down in Egypt.
Following their performance, all eight troupes joined the stage alongside the RHPM crew in a dance battle.
Around the same time he formed RHPM. Thus began his "beyond break dance" journey of choreographing narratives based on the hip hop movement vocabulary and his real life experiences.
RHPM's 15th anniversary retrospective includes some of Harris' signature works: March of the Antmen, P-Funk, Endangered Species, and his two evening-length sagas, Rome Jewels (2000) and Facing Mekka (2003).
James "Cricket" Colter, a founding member of RHPM, describes Harris' fraught working process during the making of Rome & Jewels.
Sabela Grimes, who performed with RHPM from 1997 to 2002, teaches in UCLA's Department of World Arts and Cultures, where he is an MFA candidate.
Grimes' assessment is echoed by Colter, who claims that the RHPM experience allowed him to dissect different styles and combine them in his work.