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RHURural Health Unit (Philippines)
RHURegistered Health Underwriter
RHURefugee Housing Unit (various organizations)
RHURadioisotope Heater Units
RHUReinforcement Holding Unit (Australia)
RHURestrictive Housing Unit (Prison)
RHUReplacement Holding Unit
RHUResid Hydrotreating Unit (refinery)
RHURotary Hydraulic Unit (ship steering gear)
RHUResidential Housing Unit (military housing; Canada)
RHURemote Hydraulic Unit (printed circuit boards cleanliness testing)
RHURandom Hook Up
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'The RHU worker made a follow-up a few days after that incident but I again refused to give in to the demand,' Elipane said.
"It was only recently that we received a request from the LGU (local government unit) for a new RHU building to upgrade the existing one," he added.
Based on the thermal model, the effectiveness of the thermal designs of a lunar lander with various thermal hardwares (H/Ws) was investigated through numerical thermal analysis according to landing candidate areas in terms of the required power of RHU for night survival.
SALTZMAN, RHU, DIA, is principal of The Saltzman Group.
RHU deputy director Fannie Kachale pointed out that most countries with low maternal death rates, such as South Africa and Ghana, have permitted induced abortion, and that legalising abortion has not led to increased numbers of abortions in those countries.
Shaun make the journey to the popular Rhu Glenn Hotel Slieverua, Co Kilkenny tonight, a venue just three miles form Waterford city.
Rhu, Stanley Cavell's American Dream: Shakespeare, Philosophy, and Hollywood Movies.
There are sepia-tone pictures of old 'Row', as the conservation village of Rhu was once known, and past line-ups of the local football team.
During the service at Rhu and Shandon Parish Church, near Helensburgh in Dunbartonshire, Lt Saunders was described as a devoted husband and father who loved his career in the navy.
Again all are in Macquarie except for doo [in CDS under do-do], jai (phrase part, from jai alai) [in Random House Unabridged (RHU)], and the inferred plurals of el [RHU], ho, nu, who and yip.
The 2nd Pregnant Congress in San Agustin town was held on Monday led by the Rural Health Unit (RHU) and in collaboration with the LGU San Agustin with the theme: Baby Is Healthy If Mommy Is Healthy .
The victim was rushed by his neighbors to a Rural Health Unit (RHU) but he was declared dead on arrival by his attending physician.