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RHUD has by far the most complete treatment of pre-: a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, where it meant "before" (preclude; prevent); applied freely as a prefix, with the meanings "prior to," "in advance of," "early," "beforehand," "before," "in front of," and with other figurative meanings (preschool; prewar; prepay: preoral; prefrontal).
By including the slippery "with other figurative meanings," RHUD's definition might be said to include the meaning of pre- in predelinquent, but the wording does not really capture it specifically.
Consider RHUD: 'to visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining goods.' Visiting a retail venue with the sole object of examining goods is surely subsumed under the idea of 'shop.' There is no need ever for anyone to preshop, and certainly no need for them to talk about it.