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RHVReid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County (California)
RHVRight Hepatic Vein
RHVRegionale Huisartsen Vereniging (Dutch)
RHVRose-Hulman Ventures (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Terre Haute, IN)
RHVRichard Humpty Vission (music producer, remixer, and DJ)
RHVRoentgenologic Heart Volume (cardiology)
RHVRescued Human Virus
RHVRelative Heart Volume (cardiology)
RHVRight-Heart Volume (cardiology)
RHVRemodélisation d'Histoire de Vie (French: Remodeling of Life History; hypnosis)
RHVRadio Hautes-Vosges (French radio station)
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report that the incidence of the inferior aRHV is higher in older population and that the diameter of the main RHV depends on the diameter of the aRHV (10).
Por ultimo, el epigrafe 4 del articulo 4 bis RHV regula una excepcion al sistema general del Convenio.
La cantidad de pacientes con datos completos del RHV con diagnostico de cancer gastrico provisto por la OGEI fue de 6 069.
The RHV factor is defined as the ratio of the walking voltage at a higher RH to the walking voltage at a lower RH.
Regarding taking the right lobe graft with or without the MHV, we adopted a policy where we used to leave RHV within the donor guided by right lobe (mainly segments 5 and 8 have adequate venous drainage radiologically) and GRWR is 0.8 or more.
* RHV: Los RH a variar en el nivel territorial que en el momento del procesamiento ocupan cargos que demandan un nivel de especializacion (NS, TM, OC) y que al planificar el nivel de actividad para el ano que se proyecta se estimaran como: emigrados e inmigrados a nivel territorial
RHV LLC, led by Ken Calhoon, purchased the 14514 MacArthur Drive project.
Programme Manager, RHV, John Cropper said that Oxfam has initiated the programme in 17 countries simultaneously two years ago to overcome poverty and sufferings of women.
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Correspondence to: Nigel Dodds RN, RHV, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCE(A), Hospital2Home Programme, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London SW3 3JJ, UK.
RHV helps companies and entrepreneurs develop new products and processes, enhance existing operations, and partner with Rose-Hulman as a technical resource.
She has enjoyed a lengthy career in nursing spanning 20 years, during which time she became a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN), Registered General Nurse (RGN), a Registered Health Visitor (RHV) and Community Practitioner Teacher (CPT).