RHWARolling Hills Wildlife Adventure (Salina, KS)
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The Rural Health Workforce Australia (RHWA) reports that, in 2015, Australia recruited about 549 health workers to operate in rural communities and in Aboriginal Medical Services, provided rural relocation grants to 58 dentists, supported more than 2,500 rural doctors' families and some 6,000 health workers and 1,800 rural practices, in addition to engaging university health students in positive rural experiences (26).
Unsurprisingly, outcomes for women and babies in these communities are poorer overall, ranging from reduced life expectancy, lower birth weights, increased preterm birth and higher rates of fetal and neonatal death (RHWA, 2007; RDAA, 2007; Kildea, Kruske et al., 2010).
Similarly, the correlation among Rh+ and Rhwas also very high i.e.