RHWEReviving the Heart of the West End (Newcastle, UK)
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Alexandra Johnson, chief executive of RHWE said: "I am thrilled that we are the only organisation in Tyne and Wear to be shortlisted for the fund.
Also, we performed a previous extraction of algal tissue at 25[degrees]C and then eliminated this yield obtained, followed by a re-extraction of [iota]-CARs from the same algal tissue at 80[degrees]C, being thus designated RHWE (Table 1).
Almost 14 years ago, I started our charity - RHWE - and we only had PS40 in our bank account and there was only one and a half of us in the team.
RHWE has awarded seven scholarships over the last two years and Fawn and Sonya will be the first two to benefit that will be going away to study.
RHWE's development officer Hannah Morrow said: "The idea was to create a bit of an enterprise zone.
The event is just one of the many services provided by RHWE, a registered charity and company, established in Benwell in 2002 and covering the Benwell and Scotswood, Elswick, and Westgate wards of Newcastle's West End.
He said: "I was overjoyed to find out I had won a scholarship from RHWE, as it will be a huge help when it comes to buying books, paying for travel, and going on theatre trips."
Alongside the Board of RHWE Ltd, I am delighted to be celebrating our fifth year in business on Buddle Road.
John Buddle Work Village, off Scotswood Road, has been developed by RHWE Ltd, a local charitable trust working with the council.
Reviving the Heart of the West End Ltd (RHWE), a charitable trust based in Benwell, has launched a Community Grant Fund for 2011/12.
Reviving the Heart of the West End (RHWE), a charitable trust based in Benwell, Newcastle, has launched the scholarships to champion the value of higher education for teens in the West End.
Reviving the Heart of the West End Ltd (RHWE), based in Benwell, is taking on the new employees to assist with the development of enterprise projects and the management of its business centres in Newcastle's West End.