RHoJRight Hand of Justice (Star Wars)
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* Pathways [dagger] Up/down * Fold # Genes change p-Value DMA HIST2H3D Down 1.66 0.0018 replication HIST1H3J Down 1.89 0.005 CDK1 Down 3.18 0.029 TOP2A Down 3.58 0.026 p-53 pathway CDK1 Down 3.18 0.029 CDK2 Down 1.70 0.026 CCNB1 Down 4.43 0.049 CTSE1 Down 2.68 0.016 PDGF ITPR1 Up 1.96 0.031 signalling pathway c-MYC Up 1.53 0.02 SRCAP3 UP 1.64 0.013 Unclassified CCNA2 Down 4.18 0.032 RHOJ Down 3.62 0.014 * Significantly influenced pathways.
Both methods show a downregulation of DNA replication and p53 pathway-involved genes HIST2H3D, HIST1H3J, CDK1, TOP2, CDK1, CDK2, CCNB1 and GTSE, as well as CCNA2 and RHOJ. ITPR1, c-MYCand SRGAP3, which are all involved in the PDGF signalling pathway, were also upregulated using qRT-PCR.
They saw that in response to drug-induced DNA damage in a melanoma cell, RhoJ activated another gene, Pak1, which initiated a molecular cascade suppressing the cell's ability to sense this damage - and blocking the apoptosis process.