RIAASRunway Incursion Advisory and Alerting System
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The first major round of lawsuits with a broader scope of plaintiffs was filed in September 2003, and soon drew criticism for randomly attacking miniscule users, and even prompting Grokster president, Wayne Rosso, to compare the RIAA's actions to that of Stalin and McCarthy.
In order to sue an individual for copyright infringement, it seems logical that the RIAA would need to know who that person is.
(53) On the other hand, our survey suggests that the fact that the RIAA has the ability to sue an individual does not appear to have much of an effect on students, in general.
of the music recorded on the CD." (59) This is the approach the RIAA is taking, explaining how the 4 students originally sued in April 2003 could be liable for distribution of 27,000 files, 500,000 files, 650,000 files and over 1,000,000 files, respectively.
Though talk of taking on the RIAA is common, this is easier said than done when you are at the receiving end of a threatened lawsuit for millions of dollars.
As mentioned above, the RIAA methods of enforcement were addressed during the Senate hearings that were supposed to be aimed, as far as the RIAA was concerned at stricter enforcement of copyright laws.
One defendant has recently gone full force and effect in countering an RIAA lawsuit against her.
agreement between the RIAA and Yahoo!, which was believed to represent a
(170) See Kellen Myers, Note, The RIAA, the DMCA, and the Forgotten
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("The RIAA has effectively convinced [the CRB] to establish rates
Lentz, a former student sued by the RIAA, who explains that the major