RIABARhode Island Association of Buyer Agents
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en todo su trayecto, es una especie de corredor que comunica las bahias de Luba, al suroeste, y de Riaba, al sureste.
Tambien en las areas de selva destacan otros primates como el gorila (cada vez menos presente) o el mono Titi, presente en las proximidades de Eoko, pueblo ubicado cerca de la costa sureste, al sur de Riaba. Cerca de esta se puede encontrar una fauna bastante diferente, caracterizada por especies como el pangolin kaa (una especie de armadillo) o roedores de tamano medio, como la Zenkerella insignis (ardilla de cola escamosa sin patagio), muy propia del Africa ecuatorial y catalogada como fosil viviente (9).
At eight kilometres from the Riaba to Moca road, the last urban district set in the district of Riaba known as Ehoko was visited by the steering committee of GE Project's National Office for Planning and Monitoring.
A member of parliament from the area and a government delegate from Riaba guided the GE Project retinue.
The patients at the people's council on the Riaba road gathered at their health centre, to interact with the medical team and set out their health problems.
Young people with behavioural problems will be incorporated within the Riaba Re-education Centre for Minors, "with the aim of social reinsertion based on educational training, so that they can be useful citizens in the future.
The Presidents of the monitoring commissions in Riaba and Luba have delivered the propaganda material to the militants of their respective jurisdictions for the electoral campaign.
During the delivery, which took place at the headquarters of the party district offices in Luba and Riaba, the presidents of the monitoring commissions and district coordinators for the campaign recommended making good use of the propaganda apparel, and to wear it with pride and honour, and asked for prudence in order to avoid accidents.
The Riaba petrochemicals complex will elevate Equatorial Guineas position as a premier regional petrochemicals producer.
The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea is happy to confirm that Riaba Fertilizers Limited has awarded the EPC contract for a new petrochemicals complex to a Chinese conglomerate head by East China Engineering Science and Technology Co.
It is a new hospital complex to provide health services to the district of Riaba. The Minister of Health, during his speech, underlined the concern of the Government of the Republic for the health of all Equatoguineans.
In Riaba, the Prime Minister of the Government,Vicente Ehate Tomi, once again led the caravan of vehicles carrying out this distribution via the various district base cells, from where the message of peace and solidarity from the President Founder of the party, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, was also passed on.