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When the alarm that had tricked them into mar- riage proved to be groundless, she was angry and said bitter, hurtful things.
Investigators routinely screened for MRSA car riage by obtaining cultures from the nose, throat, and perineum of 2,060 patients hospitalized for a wide variety of reasons.
(17.) Elaine McCrate, "Trade, Merger and Employment: Economic Theory on Mar riage," Review of Radical Political Economics 19, no.
According to the report, two tiers exist among Jewish communities abroad: A= religious one, whose sense of affiliation to Israel is increasing, and ano= ther whose Jewish sense of association is weakening and among whom intermar= riage is more commonplace.
That vision of the fleeing, limping Senator is repeated at intervals, and all the while, trapped in the car(riage) beneath the water, Kelly clutches The Senator's/Prince's wet shoe and waits for his return.
however, the definition of" abstinence-only education" included specific references to mar riage. Any federal funding for abstinence after 1996, therefore, is referred to as -abstinence-only-until-marriage" funding to recognize that significant switch in policy.
(12) Despite the changes in the 80s, the comparatively high number of marriages and the young age at marriage both clearly suggest that all through the period examined, mar riage had a monopoly, as it were, on relationships in Hungary.
The subject under discussion in this Aggadic (non-legal) passage is the nature of relationships, mar riage in particular.
However, most of them maintained the earlier custom about age of mar riage, provision of bride wealth, and work obligations within marriage.