RIAKRecording Industry Association of Korea
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The semi-official Sudan Media Center (SMC) on Monday quoted Riak as saying his government is making huge efforts to ensure the success of President Kiir initiative to facilitate Sudan's peace talks.
Three companies owned or controlled by Riak also were sanctioned, CNN reported.
But delegations have "had successful meetings so far", Awan Riak, Minister in the Office of the President told reporters before Kiir flew to Arusha to take part in the talks.
Le ministre sud-soudanais Riak Gai a indique que l'accord prevoit la formation du personnel medical au Sud-Soudan par le Conseil Soudanais de Specialisations Medicales au Soudan.
It is important to choose technology "fit for purpose." For those building applications where an "always-available" customer experience matters, zero-data loss is the goal, and rapid scalability at ultra low cost of operations is important, Riak and Riak CS are available to download anytime.
has selected Riak, Basho's next-generation distributed data store, as the foundation for a new set of global services.
The survey undertaken by Riak Bumi and CIFOR estimated the population in DSNP at more than 10,100 people in 43 villages, 37 of which were permanent villages, with six seasonally occupied during the dry (fishing) season (Indriatmoko and Abas 2007).
Riak and Kleiat Airports Rehabilitated to Host 10 MiG-29 Planes
Jordan Riak, executive director of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, believes that even the nonviolent techniques that boot camps use to discipline teens are a form of "brainwashing." Such techniques include enforced exercise, verbal humiliation, and limited contact with friends and family.
The dead and dying in the bus blast were tended to by passers-by including American Stephanie Riak Akuei.
Pauline Riak, executive director for the Sudanese Women Association of Nairobi (SWAN), and one of the international invitees delivered a keynote presentation.