RIBBRiver Industry Bulletin Board
RIBBRechargeable Internal Back-up Battery (electrical engineering)
RIBBRabbit Intestinal Brush Borders
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After receiving more abuse in the build-up to this afternoon's finale, the Brit will be cheered on by Ribbs as he looks to finish in the top five.
Ribbs has praised boss Ron Dennis for sticking by Hamilton, adding: "It's fantastic seeing Lewis doing so well and I am sure he will now open the doors for more black kids to come into the sport.
The RIBBS board implemented a subscriber's fee for access to certain areas of the system on January 3, 1995.
The RIBBS board can help us use postal services more efficiently to deliver our mail, but sometimes we need to move ourselves from place to place on our highways.
In the meantime, we can use bulletin boards like RIBBS and FEBBS to access information on current services, as well as to prepare us for the changes to come.
When you roll out of the pit lane and out onto the track, you are absolutely switched on like a computer," Ribbs says.
Ribbs says he is fortified by the lessons learned from his late grandfather, a successful businessman in the San Jose, Calif.
Ribbs has been one of the harshest critics to go on record.
Ribbs was the first African American to drive at the Winston Cup level in 1986 and the first African American in the diversity program sponsored by Dodge in 2000.