RICCRhode Island Convention Center
RICCRhode Island Country Club
RICCRiviera International Conference Centre (UK)
RICCRhode Island Community College
RICCRock Island Contracting Center (US Army)
RICCRiken Integrated Cluster of Clusters (supercomputer)
RICCResearch Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures (University of Manchester; UK)
RICCReportable Item Control Code
RICCRhema International Christian Center (Okinawa, Japan)
RICCRemote Interface Connection Cable (computer technology)
RICCResearch Into Childhood Cancer
RICCRetirement Information and Counseling Center (EPA)
RICCRhode Island Children's Chorus (est. 2003)
RICCReusable Integrated Command Center
RICCRape and Incest Crisis Centre (UK)
RICCReportback IWS Control Circuit
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In collaboration with the City Agriculture Office (CAO) and RICC, the program aims not only to educate parents on ways to achieve affordable and proper nutrition but also to provide training in the production of livelihood products .
(22) A large number of the Strozzi's letters are preserved within several archival collections across northern and central Italy: principally, ASFe; ASF; Biblioteca Comunale Ariostea, Ferrara (hereafter BCA); Ricc.; Archivio di Stato, Modena (hereafter ASMo); Archivio di Stato, Venice, and the BCV.
Following Gans and King (2000) and Hayden and Michaels (2006), we approximate RICC attributable to a new transmission line by implementing two runs of the RTO's security-constrained economic dispatch mechanism (SCED).
Comparando los resultados de la presion en el RICD (1008,36gr/cm [+ o -]133,68) y en el RICC (925,25 [+ o -]138,32) no se encontraron diferencias estadisticamente significativas (p>0,05).
ITF president Francesco Ricc mediates the Head of the Kuwaiti and Arab Tennis Federation Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah and the Kuwaiti tennis player Mohammad Al-Gharib ***
Magill said two years ago representatives of Peter Jacobsen Sports approached him about moving the CVS Caremark Charity Classic from Rhode Island CC in Barrington, R.I., to PV before PJS signed to remain at RICC.
Financial services and asset management firm DST will bring its retirement income clearing calculator (RICC) services to Prudential Retirement clients.
Prudential Retirement has reached an agreement with DST Retirement Solutions to utilize its Retirement Income Clearing Calculator (RICC).
The Retirement Income Clearing Calculator, or "RICC," connects product providers with recordkeepers, facilitating the offering and portability of income products, the firm said.
The industry's first middleware platform designed to enable distribution of retirement income across traditional recordkeeping platforms, the retirement income clearing calculator, or "RICC," seamlessly connects product providers with recordkeepers, facilitating the offering and portability of income products.
Frosini has shown that the Ur-Novellino author probably used the Provencal version of Barlaam et Josaphat (23), and Boccaccio the Latin redactions and one Italian version, Ricc. 1422 (33).