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RICERCARRegis Iussu Cantio Et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta (Latin: the Theme Given by the King's Command, with Additions, Resolved According to the Canonic Style; Bach; now known as the Musical Offering)
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Three concerts by harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, the Ricercar Consort of viols, countertenor Iestyn Davies and lutenist Thomas Dunford to evoke music at the Elizabethan and Jacobean courts by John Dowland, William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons and Radnorshire-born John Bull (June 22) | 2.
Donohoe employed a huge range of articulation as well as dynamic contouring, from the rippling, lute-like flexibility of the famous Ave Maria Prelude to the ricercar tread of the concluding B minor.
Ricercar Consort and Capella Sancti Michaelis, directed by Erik van Nevel.
Fritzsch draws on Christoph Wolff's article 'New Research on Bach's Musical Offering' (The Musical Quarterly, lvii (1971), 379-408), where the three-part ricercar was considered 'to be a composition inspired by and conceived for the pianoforte and its new sound effects'.
The simplest way of suggesting two voices on one instrument is by alternating tessitura, as in ex.4a, from the Ricercar no.2 by Domenico Gabrielli (1651-1690).
For instance the open scores of the six-part ricercar of the Musical Offering and the Contrapuncti of the .1et of Fugue allow for many performing solutions.
Rent a Ricercar, Flying Dog, For Woody Allen, Nocturne -- 2 CD AGON ORCHESTRA--The Red and Black, audio ego/Society for New Music, Prague, 1998
Webern's orchestration of the Ricercar from Bach's Musical Offering unfolded with post-Romantic pointillism under Sakari Oramo, setting flexible tempi where a slightly deliberate opening made eventual perfect sense with the sturdy bass entry.
For a musicologist's observations on the newly perceived relations between music and the Trivium during this period, see Warren Kirkendale, 'Ciceronians versus Aristotelians on the Ricercar as Exordium, from Bembo to Bach', Journal of the American Musicological Society, xxxii (1979), 1-44.
Another large collection of digital research projects similar to D1AMM comes from Programme Ricercar of the Centre d'Etudes Superieures de la Renaissance (http:// ricercar.
We also heard examples from composers influential upon Tippett: Beethoven, of course, his Quartetto Serioso given with unflagging energy, and Stravinsky, whose Double Canon Raoul Dufy in Memoriam, its intervals laden with emotional anguish in a ricercar -like texture, seemed an odd inclusion.