RICLRoyal Institution Christmas Lectures (British annual science lecture series; UK)
RICLRock Island Clean Line (transmission line project)
RICLResearch Institute for Comparative Literature (University of Alberta; Canada)
RICLResearch Institute for Catholic Liturgy
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"History of RICL: Research Institute for Comparative Literature, University of Alberta 1988-1999." Library Series, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (2003): <http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/clcweblibrary/riclhistory>.
"The local residents and businesses are already struggling with all the ongoing hassle of the reconstruction works and we are very pessimistic that the project will be completed in two years," said RICL's Evros Antoniades.
With the combined ratio exceeding acceptable limits, RICL has posted losses from underwriting operations, mainly in the motor segment, though the quantum has reduced in the on-going year.
In 2002, a minimum of 90 spikes from 30 progeny of each of the four synthetic hexaploids, the RICL parent, 'McNeal' (PI 574642) (Lanning et al., 1994) and Alsen, FHB susceptible and resistant hard red spring wheat cultivars, respectively, were evaluated for Type II resistance to FHB in separate spring and summer greenhouse evaluations.
RICL also provides for the defense of claims in addition to actual damages.
Once established at the University of Alberta (the second largest university in Canada after the University of Toronto), he designed and took personal responsibility as director of the research division on Romanticism within RICL, and his planning under the aegis of the RICL thrice enabled an international group of experts to convene and to interact with Canadian discussants at the University of Alberta.
To obtain an unbiased estimate of P, assume that m RICLs are available for classification where the presence of one or more substitution line alleles ([A.sub.i]) makes the RICL different from the parental cultivar.
In the situation where RICL population was non-significant for a trait of interest from the combined ANOVA (Shah et al., 1999), a Bonferroni test was used (Milliken and Johnson, 1984) to limit the probability of making a type 1 error when testing for marker-QTL contrasts in single factor ANOVA.
Each RICL should differ from another unless no crossover occurred or the identical crossover occurred.
Abbreviations: GPC, grain protein content; LDN, `Langdon' durum; LDN(DIC-6B), Langdon with a pair of dicoccoides 6B chromosomes substituted for a pair of Langdon 6B chromosomes; LOD, logarithm of the odds; cM, centimorgan; QTL, quantitative trait locus; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; RICL, recombinant inbred chromosome line.
(2003), plotting grain yield values against kernels per square meter values for RICLs revealed no recombinant individuals with high values for grain yield and low values for kernels per square meter and/or low values for grain yield and high values for kernels per square meter.
Single reciprocal chromosome substitution lines can be targeted for development of RICLs that segregate only for genes on that chromosome (Shah et al., 1999a,b; Joppa et al., 1997).