RICTRegional Incident Coordination Team
RICTReduced Intensity Conditioning Transplantation
RICTRotary Internal Combustion Turbine
RICTReduced Intensity Transplant
RICTRiver Invertebrate Classification Tool
RICTRapid Insertion of COTS Technology
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They are not referred to as refeudalized here because they were likely never completely untethered from private (corporate) interest, and although perhaps initially constituted by a diversity of public members, they may quickly become agents of private interest; a private interest that rest ricts debate and packages information in support of a private agenda.
Table 2 Percentage of States, Districts, and Schools Requiring Immunizations for School Entry, by Grade or School Level and Type of Immunization, School Health Policies and Programs Study, 2000 % of Grade or % of Dist- School Level Type of Immunization States ricts Kindergarten Chicken pox (varicella) 31.
A small poetry club in the heart of one of Tyne- side's oldest dist- ricts is celebrat- ing 40 years of attracting the world's literary giants.