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RIDICRadiation Internal Dose Information Center
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I am to the the many - ridic and are (I am not surprised Monopoly is still very big in a boring country cloaked in darkness for 50 per cent of the year, and where plunging naked into ice water is a pastime).
Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School students added their faves (favourites): awks (awkward), ILY (I love you), dope (cool), FE (fair enough), and ridic (ridiculous).
There are ridic ulous propo sals of rando m relationships (which thankfully you can ignore) to people who just quite don't get the fact that no it is not normal to send your bio-data, friend request and invitation to hook-up in the one message, particularly when their profile reads 'in an open relationship'.
A survey of consumer attitudes towards kangaroo meat published by the Rural Industries and Research and Development Corporation (RIDIC) (4) suggests that concerns about welfare and ethics deter some consumers from choosing kangaroo.
She told Maya Angelou, a dear friend, why, and how strongly, she disagreed with Angelou's support for the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, which she described to another friend as "that ridic, endorsement of dread Clarence Thomas." The two had "a terrible falling-out" but patched up their friendship before Decca's final illness, when "Angelou flew into town and sat at her bedside, singing the raucous songs they loved, with Decca rousing herself occasionally to sing along."
It's ridic. I'm not saying that it's just me, it's everybody who's spoken out.
I am opposed to the changes on the basis many of the new words, words such as lol, ridic and thanx, are merely abbreviations.