RIDOCRhode Island Department of Corrections (Cranston, RI)
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RIDOC is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.
To determine the number and characteristics of persons with newly identified HIV infection and estimate the proportion of detainees who might not have been tested if testing had been delayed, RIDOC examined jail incarceration and HIV testing data from 2000-2007.
During 2000-2007, the RIDOC jail had 140,739 admissions and conducted 102,229 (73%) HIV tests (Table 1).
The 169 newly identified HIV infections at the RIDOC jail during 2000-2007 represented 15% of all new HIV diagnoses in Rhode Island over the same period (RIDOH, unpublished data, 2009).
After exhausting his internal remedies without relief, as required by the Prison Litigation Reform Act, Spratt filed a complaint against RIDOC in the United States Court for the District of Rhode Island, asserting that the facility's policy violated his rights under the First Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, and RLUIPA.
32) While the First Circuit agreed that RIDOC established prison security as a compelling interest, the court was not satisfied that RIDOC's mere assertion meant the regulation was the least restrictive means.
Shortly after the news broke that RIDOC was sending an inmate for a transplant, the local media questioned why RIDOC would be offering such an expensive procedure to an inmate.
RIDOC conducted a survey between August and November 2012 with American Correctional Association members and received responses from 25 states.
Knowing that internal staff could not take on the additional work necessary to choose an EHR system without assistance, RIDOC hired an experienced consultant to lead the process.
The consultant began the effort by visiting each facility within RIDOC and interviewing clinicians lo determine the needs of each department.
RIDOC staff prequalify each program by deciding the maximum amount of days credit that can be earned for each program and then awarding participating offenders the number of days justified by their performance.
RIDOC implemented a process to place the inmates released pursuant to Correctional Options on a heightened level of supervision until such time as they would otherwise have left an institution.