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RIDSRules in Database Systems (conference)
RIDSRandom Isolated Deep Scratch (automobile cosmetic maintenance)
RIDSRecords Inventory and Disposition Schedule
RIDSReaction-Induced Difference Spectroscopy
RIDSRecord Inventory Destruction Schedule
RIDSReview Item Disposition System
RIDSReaction-Induced Difference Spectra
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Can she get rid of this surplus to the United States?
The more private inquiries I conduct for my fair relative the harder she will find it to get rid of hers truly, Horatio Wragge.
Good jams, cheap!' This rang pleasantly in the tailor's ears; he stretched his delicate head out of the window, and called: 'Come up here, dear woman; here you will get rid of your goods.' The woman came up the three steps to the tailor with her heavy basket, and he made her unpack all the pots for him.
"We must get rid of him," agreed Anne, looking darkly at the subject of their discussion, who was purring on the hearth rug with an air of lamb-like meekness.