RIDURegional Infectious Disease Unit (UK)
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ovina cultivars had very high texture scores representing fine texture compared to previous genera and cultivars Ridu and Nordic having same and higher average texture scores in succeeding experimental years were the comparably successful genotypes.
ovina cultivars indicated a decreasing trend by years and cultivar Ridu was the best performer among other genotypes in the species.
This pattern is illustrated by the genitive/ partitive pairs 'lippude ~ 'lippusid, sadude ~ sadusid and ridade ~ ridasid, which are based on the corresponding partitives 'lippu, sadu and ridu, not on the genitives lipu, saju and 'rea.
Rensch, Jonas Noeb and Robert Sulis Ridu, 2006, The Bidayuh language: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Rensch, Calvin, Carolyn Rensch, Jonas Noeb and Robert Sulis Ridu 2006 The Bidayuh Language: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Especially, he thanks Sidi and Heidi Munan, Datuk Robert Jacob Ridu and Bishops Bolly Lapak and Made for sharing their personal anecdotes.
2003 Review of Robert Ridu, Ritkos Jitab and Jonas Noeb, King Siliman and Other Bidayuh Folk Tales ; Jayl Langub, Suket: Penan Folk Stories ; and Clifford Sather, Apai Alui Becomes a Shaman and Other Iban Comic Tales, Dayak Studies Monographs, Oral Literature Series, No.
(Robert Sulis Ridu and Jonas Noeb, Majlis Adat Istiadat, Level 4, Wisma Satok, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia).
King Siliman and Other Bidayuh Folk Tales (Raja Siliman Pas Tingah Tanun Bidayuh Da Bukun) compiled and translated by Robert Sulis Ridu, Ritikos Jitab and Jonas Noeb, 2001, 139 + xvi pp, 31 illustrations ISBN 983-9257-06-4.
Another recent appropriation of Kosmodemianskaya's image, also in Ukraine, appeared in an article written for the online news site, ridus.ru, about the artist-activist group, FEMEN.
but it was organized by the people filming this libel for Russian television," Adagamov wrote, citing a report on a popular citizen journalism website Ridus.ru.
According to an online poll by the Ridus news agency, 51 percent of respondents believed that the meteor has foreshadowed an alien invasion, (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/02/15/conspiracy-theories-already-flourishing-in-russia-about-meteor-explosion/) the Washington Post reported .