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RIEReactive Ion Etching
RIERevista de Investigación Educativa (Spanish: Review of Educational Research)
RIERapid Improvement Event
RIERecognised Investment Exchange (UK)
RIERice Lake, Wisconsin (Airport Code)
RIEReceive Interrupt Enable
RIERegards sur l'Intelligence Economique (French: Views on Economic Intelligence)
RIERemote Instrument Enclosure
RIERegional Information Exchange
RIERésidence Internationale d'Etudiants (French: International Student Residence)
RIERemote Interface Electronics
RIERadar Interface Equipment
RIERequirements-Induced Error
RIERéalisations Industrielles Electriques (French: Industrial Electrical Work)
RIERencontres de l'Initiative Economique (French: Economic Initiative Encounters)
RIERéseau International EPIVAC (Épidémiologie & Vaccinologie; French: Research International EPIVAC (Epidemiology and Vaccinology))
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As a result of the requirements-and-funding RIE, Headquarters USAF/A-1 cut nearly 80 percent of the time spent on its uniform-requirements processing and review cycle, eliminating 528 of 663 days.
Future plans for this phase include: developing an etching-process simulator for selective, well-understood and accurately modeled processes on G2; developing a complete Ultramax linkage through the G2 expert-system software; setting up and testing G2 as linked to the PAL 68000 system controller; and incorporating RIE process computer models into the G2 expert-system software.
The system can be equipped with a Large Area PECVD deposition module or the following etching modules: Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), Pulsed High Frequency (PHF) RIE or High Performance Oxide Etching (HiPOE).
This multi-process platform is superior not only for etching and dielectric deposition processes, including ICP, RIE and PECVD, but also offers superior process solutions for a large variety of devices like LEDs, HBTs, HEMTs, SAW, Photonics and MEMS.