RIEGRieger Syndrome
RIEGRIEG Bicoid-Related Homeobox Transcription
RIEGRegent International Education Group (Auckland, New Zealand)
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The MSR platform is popular with some hunters (top brands at Rieg's include Colt, Bushmaster and local gunmaker Spike's Tactical), but there's still a strong interest in bolt-action rifles, Hilton said.
Children's songs and folk songs are often repetitive, which allows language learners an opportunity to hear words and phrases repeated (Paquette & Rieg, 2008).
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These have included the use of body language and sign language (Konishi, 2007; Sime, 2006), video-self-modeling and digital technology (Ortiz, Burlingame, Onuegbulem, Yoshikawa, & Rojas, 2012; Wilson, Chavez, & Anders, 2012), music (Miranda, 2011; Paquette & Rieg, 2008), and family involvement (Farver, Yiyuan, Lonigan, & Eppe, 2013; Harper & Pelletier, 2010).
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By Peter Rieg, Packaging Division, battenfeld-cincinnati Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
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Echo reading is a fluency oriented instructional method in which a teacher reads aloud a portion of text, and then one or more students repeat aloud the same portion of text (Paquette & Rieg, 2008).