RIEIRoofing Industry Educational Institute (Englewood, CO)
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With 60 to 70 seminars held annually nationwide, RIEI has 15 individual classes ranging in length from one to four days.
The RIEI operates with a small in-house staff supplemented by a large group of approximately 125 adjunct faculty members -- people in the industry that help the group teach the classes.
For the next five years, the RIEI will be immersed in constantly updating and improving the presentations, including adding videotape clips and increasing the amount of animation in digital slides.
RIEI's Michelsen says the building owner team and contractor should discuss roofing details before the job starts - details such as ensuring the deck is ready; that supports and penetrations for mechanical equipment will be built into the system, so the finished roof does not have to be punctured; and that workers from other trades will not damage the roof during construction.
Most roofing materials can be damaged by excessive amounts of oils on them," says RIEI's Michelsen.
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Fricklas, educator, author, and former technical director at the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI), and Mark Leeman, associate at Facility Engineering Associates
He has been a faculty member of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI) for more than 15 years.
Richard Fricklas, technical director of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI) in Englewood, Colorado, says, "People are always trying to combine the systems to come up with the best of both worlds."