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RIFARed Imported Fire Ants
RIFARaffles International Floristry Academy (Paya Lebar, Singapore)
RIFARegional Inter-Faith Association (Jackson, TN)
RIFARail Industry Fire Association (UK)
RIFARaiffeisen International Fund Advisory GmbH (est. 1988; Austria)
RIFARhode Island Film Alliance
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This has already begun with the support of donors James and Rita Seiber of Davis, who funded an additional three fellows in 2016 and have made a commitment to continue to fund one RIFA fellow per year.
TF 10 Two-for-one twister by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co.
Scientists at SABCL have studied interactions between RIFA (Solenopsis invicta) and other aboveground foraging ants in two habitats in northeastern Argentina.
Here we review and synthesize information published since 1948 concerning RIFA impacts on reptiles, birds, and mammals.
RIFA compact system requires lesser recurring cost than most of the competitors.
Several species of turfgrass are maintained under lawn culture across the southern states where RIFA is well established.
TF 10 Twoforone twister by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co.
According to Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Company, high quality yarns are possible due to quality drafting system, high speed spindle and high speed rings and travelers which are essential for compact spinning technology.
RIFA high quality spindle has a high speed running upto 13500 RPM with lower noise and a power saving design.
RIFA Textile Machinery for compact spinning system, TFO (Two-for-One twisting machines) and rotor spinning machines from China.