RIFDRaleigh International Folk Dancers (North Carolina)
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New and lower-cost RFID technologies will allow the pharmaceutical industry to expand the usage of RIFD.
Regardless of company size, Meranda believes that the time to start moving forward with RIFD is now.
Rising demand for point-of-application RFID print encoding has driven the development of the Zebra RP4T printer and we are confident that the M5e-Compact RFID reader module will enhance Zebra's RIFD solution," said Carolyn Ricci, senior product manager, RFID, Zebra Technologies.
The 3PL CEOs now are looking at various options for developing RFID capabilities such as working with software providers, partnering on pilot programs with large customers, and developing their own RIFD middleware.
Based on our new capabilities comprising the BOS Group we can now offer comprehensive (hardware and software) Mobile & RIFD solutions in international markets and enjoy an increasing presence in these markets.
We continue to supply BPA with cutting-edge technology, including the world's largest RIFD antenna, to quickly and accurately observe and protect BPA's regional fisheries.
Comments Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie Vice President, "Manufacturers and Retailers can share vast amounts of item data by accurately tracking RIFD tagged products.
Venture Investors should pay close attention to the RIFD market due to the following two reasons: the booming RFID market has provided sufficient development space for its industry; also the easiness of transferring RFID technologies into products brings great market opportunities.